My love for water…

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I don’t know exactly what it is with water but I love it. I definitely pick up what Brad Paisley is laying down (see video)!

Maybe we’re attracted because water makes up almost 60% of the body? I know some people are not big fans of water but I just chalk that up to fear, since once they can start actually enjoying it, it’s usually game over.

I’ve been in the water a few more times than usual in the past few weeks and I feel great because of it. And I’m not just talking about my cold showers. Every time I travel, I usually spend time in their pool and/or hot tub to get my day started or to end it. I find it gets rid a lot of stiffness and it makes me feel calm almost instantly.

One of the major benefits of water is that it lessens the stress on the joints. You feel great and weightless. That is why I did my rehab in the pool after my last major back ailment. It was hard for me to simply walk on land but the water held me up and helped tremendously with my posture and my range of motion.

That’s definitely part of the appeal of the Nordik Spa where you basically get to play around in different bodies of water in a relaxing environment. And if you follow their instructions (who does?), you can detoxify the body at the same time. And spend a lot of thermal energy doing it too!

The sound of water is quite therapeutic for me as well. I could sit down by a river and stay there. I might also have it as one of my favourites on my sound machine that helps me fall asleep from time to time.

So go for a dip when you can, you can experience all of this and more!

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