Musings from the fitness, running and nutrition worlds…

Musings from the fitness, running and nutrition worlds…

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We can’t deny that winter is here for most parts of North America now, with temperatures dropping and some white stuff coming down.

If you’re not too happy about that, here are 19 natural mood boosters from the good folks at MindBodyGreen.

I especially love the bits about forgiveness and gratitude. Easy but sometimes we forget…

With the weather changing, the Globe & Mail answers if it’s okay to run on the treadmill. I agree with the rationale but not with all the points the personal trainer makes.

One of  the problems with the treadmill is that it’s easy to cheat on your form so just concentrate on it in the odd times you use it, k?

Who doesn’t love their cups of java? I get suspicious when people don’t drink coffee actually…

Here are some facts and figures you might not know about how coffee affects you as a runner from Runner’s World. Mostly good stuff but like everything in life, there are some caveats!

And who doesn’t love chocolate? If so, you might really like this article from Medical XPress that shows  the more chocolate you eat, the lower your body fat level is. It’s from a recent study from the University of Granada.

So maybe using chocolate for fuel for long runs is in order!

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