Musings from Day Two of my golf fitness certification journey aka #TPIOrl

Musings from Day Two of my golf fitness certification journey aka #TPIOrl

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Another wonderful day at the TPI Level 1 Seminar. Today we built on yesterday’s session to look at what physical limitations create the common swing characteristics (aka faults) we typically see out there.

So I was one of the lucky one who got picked out from the crowd to since I had an abnormality (I couldn’t do a full squat with my legs past 90 degree and my arms over my head perpendicular to the ground.

It was a bit of a blow to the ego to get the my swing and mobility screen critiqued by the entire room. But it was a great learning experience as I got a bit of a correction from one of the top golf fitness trainers in North America.

We figured out it was some hip issues and my core misfiring so he gave me some modifications to help me along. And within five minutes I was doing a full squat. Like magic!

The good thing is we also critiqued a golf pro who’s a scratch golfer so that made me feel better!

The rest of the day was spent on screening other participants in teams with one from a medical background, one from a golf background and one with a fitness background. Pretty cool stuff when all three get to talk and work together. We each look for different things during the exact same movement so great to get feedback from the other two.

We also looked at some corrective exercises for the major ailments and they did a marketing 101 segment. All in all a full two days and it really made me think.

Now I’m looking forward to playing around with these tools to help my golf game and help other folks understand the connection between flexibility, mobility, stability and golf.

I still have to do a test to become officially certified so if people want a free screening (and correcting exercises) to see how it can help their golf game, let me know. This is a limited time offer!

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