Musings from Day One of my golf fitness certification journey aka #TPIOrl

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It was weird spending the day inside in a hall when it was sunny and high 20’s here in Orlando. Rest assured I got out for a few runs (all caught up on #31in31) and some walks at lunch. And trust me, it was time very well spent indoors.

By the way, I created #TPIOrl since when I asked about a workshop hashtag I got a blank stare after she shared with me the TPI handle. It still baffles me when cutting edge companies don’t embrace social media in this day and age. But I digress…

Anyway, here are some observations from Day One of my golf fitness certification journey:

  1. The three topic that got the most play were posture, hip rotation and pelvis. Does that sound like a running style you know?
  2. I don’t know much about the golf swing or anything anymore.
  3. This is pretty cool and I think this is the future of golf and most sports for that matter. Making sure people enjoy their physical activity and not hurt themselves at the same time. Win-win.
  4. I still can’t touch my toes. Signing up for a golf fitness workshop didn’t miraculously cure that.
  5. TPI believes there are many ways to swing the club but only one way to be the most efficient, and that depends on the person.
  6. If you don’t test, it is just a guess. I guess that’s why they have over 15 screening tests to help golfers.
  7. Golf is not about just making shots anymore, it’s now about making the best athletes possible. That will translate to better (and longer) golf for a lifetime.
  8. Learned about the firing and deceleration sequence. It’s pretty geeky but also fascinating stuff.
  9. Video analysis is key for improving. You can think you’re doing something right but seeing it with your own eyes usually makes you actually clue in.
  10. I’m very excited to find out more today!

Stay tuned!

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