#MeatlessMondays, a slightly different kind of adventure…

#MeatlessMondays, a slightly different kind of adventure…

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I love meat! I love to cook it, smell it and most of all, eat it! Especially since I cut a lot of grains and crap from my diet over the past year, I’ve been clinging to meat more and more. But now I cut it out completely at least one day a week.

My part-time meatless journey all started with some conversations with a buddy out East and they centered around the sustainability of meat. Partly because of those conversations, I’m now way more aware of what I’m eating and how I’m cooking it, and for that I’m truly thankful.

I’m not coming at it from the animal welfare part although I’ve heard compelling arguments on both sides of that one. And trust me, I don’t want to turn into a vegan vs meat lovers debate. To each their own.

I just want to highlight that if an avid meat fan like me can do it, anyone can get it done. Heck, I used to have meals with buddies that consisted of steaks, sausages and BBQ’d chicken along with some potato salad so we’d include some “veggies”…

I’m still eating fish and seafood on Mondays (and more and more overall) since Google says it’s not considered meat. Yay! And a lot of veggies and beans and eggs and healthy fats and you can make good stuff.

It was tough at first since I used to plan my meals around what kind of protein I would eat that night, and that was mostly meat. Now it’s just a matter of trying different combinations for something healthy and tasty.

If you know me, you know giving up meat, if only for one day a week, is not easy. But I highly recommend it to see what else is out there and also how your body reacts to it. It’s only a start but it has me thinking how else I can cut my consumption and do my part.

(Ironic timing for this article too as I devoured a lot of meat last night for the Super Bowl, but rest assured I’m going meatless today!)


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