Making the switch from carbs to fat…

Making the switch from carbs to fat…

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Unfortunately it’s not as easy as switching cellphone providers but it could be more beneficial for your health.

Most North Americans are carb burners as its the majority of the calories they ingest. It’s not that bad if it’s mostly leafy veggies or if you’re quite active but unfortunately that’s just not the case.

As you might have read on here over the past year, I’ve been switching my sources of calories to mostly fat over the past year. For me the biggest benefit has been getting control over my food and my emotions towards it.

I used to have to eat something substantial every few hours or else I would be irritated. It wasn’t always pretty…

The cool thing now is that with my intermittent fasting experience, I can go hours and even days without food and still feel great, if not better. One of the biggest hurdles in doing that was getting over the belief that I needed to eat every 4 hours.

It wasn’t easy as carbs are so much easier to get, especially if you’re busy and on the go. And your brain loves the rush of sugar so there’s a bit of withdrawal effect at first. But once you get over that, it’s so nice not to have cravings that control your actions (ie I need that burger now or I will die!).

This new lifestyle takes a bit of planning and prep work but it’s so worth it. And yes, I still eat veggies every day and even carb up every few weeks.

It makes you realize your body has a lot of reserves, especially for low intensity activity. It’s almost like you could chase something all day without fueling up. Maybe like our ancestors?

That’s basically what my Become a fat burning beast workshop is all about. I’m not saying this will cure all your problems in life or it will be the solution for your health challenges.

I just love it when people push themselves in their boundaries and their beliefs. That’s usually when the cool stuff happen…

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