Magic at the Ark (Mad Trapper Snowshoe Series)

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What a great night in the middle of nowhere in Quebec! Race Director extraordinaire Mike Caldwell of the Mad Trapper Snowshoe Series held its first night race ever last night. It was magical running around with snowshoes in perfect weather, fluffy snow and seeing all the headlamps in the otherwise dark night.

Like a few people mentioned after, it was a runner’s high throughout the race, not just at the end. Granted you’re close to your threshold for most of the race but otherwise it’s pure enjoyment.

I showed up a bit late since I had to teach a ChiRunning workshop in the late afternoon so I was about three minutes behind everyone. I started passing some of the slower folks but got stuck in some bottlenecks. I guess that’s what happens when you do single track races. It was a lot of surges for me on this day due to the layout but it was still pure pleasure. I came in at just under 45 minutes from what I remember (and under 42 minutes on my watch). I think that is my best time for the series but certainly the most enjoyable race so far.

I then helped out a bit with calling out numbers and cheering at the finish line to cool off before I got into some of the food (and maybe a bit of wine). It’s such a relaxed atmosphere and everyone’s so friendly. I actually chatted with the top three finishers (some of the region’s best racers) and the first thing they do is ask you about your race. Such humble folks!

Like my Mom said, you might cursing Mike’s name at the top of the last hill, but once you’re down the hill and you see the finish line and Mike’s grin, it’s all forgotten. The amazing homemade food (especially the brownies) after the race also helps…

Last race of the season is on Saturday, Feb 26 at 10am. The Ark is about 45 mins away from Ottawa. I will be driving the Yukon Hybrid (seats 8 ) over and I want to pack it so let me know if you want to feel Canadian and try out this truly amazing series!

Here are some pictures of the magical night in question:[email protected]/sets/72157625056670764/

(courtesy of Gilles Monvoisin)

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