Live more like your dog! 

Live more like your dog! 

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So I had the pleasure of taking Beau, my Mom’s dog and my dog brother, for a nice run in the nearby Greenbelt trails last weekend. What a treat!

It was nice for a few different reasons. It got me thinking about the mostly great life they lead and how we can be more like them and make us a bit better…

Unfortunately I don’t have a dog (which is a good thing for the dog these days with my schedule) but I did pick up a few tips from him (he told me!) even in the limited time:

  • Get active: Beau loves to run around and not just for a minute or two. Even if I take him for a run in the morning, he wants more in the afternoon and at night. We should be more like that!
  • Be nice: I have yet to find a dog, or any other animal for that matter, that’s mean unless they are provoked or threatened. I wish I could say the same about humans. Have you ever met a sexist or racist dog? Me neither!
  • Be grateful: To me dogs don’t really care who treats them well, they just go back to the same people time and time again. They just love want to see a friendly face or maybe a belly scratch or two.
  • Be playful: Which dog doesn’t like to wrestle or chase a ball? When’s the last time you did that?
  • Eat good stuff: Ironically the link between diet and weight is probably more evident in pets. We usually feed our pets better stuff than we feed ourselves. But some of still don’t get it. Weird.
  • Relax: What’s the first thing a dog does after a walk or a run? They usually go and eat or lay down and chill for a bit. I could definitely learn to do that more often!

So take yourself for a walk or don’t take yourself so seriously and let me know how it goes!


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