Lessons from the Health and Fitness TweetUp

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The opening act...

We had our second edition of the Ottawa Health and Fitness TweetUp last week at Rama Lotus. Another great event, and this time we had the lovely and talented Kathy Smart as our guest speaker.

1. There are a lot of cool and engaging folks in Ottawa: And most of them are into health and fitness from what we could gather from our gathering. It’s nice to see a

2. Connections were made: To me, that’s the real value of a TweetUp; connecting with folks in real-time. Business cards were flying everywhere! That was one of the intentions when we came up with this idea last year, for some like-minded folks to come together and share. Now we just need a few more cool folks to come out…

3. People are funny: If I had a dime for everyone that told me that would be there, I could have made a small fortune. I was worried that the room was too small. We still had a decent turn out but (you know me and my crazy ambition) I was hoping for twice or thrice that!

4. If you give people a relaxing place and some interesting folks, they might stay forever: After the formal part (us speaking), we had some great prizes to draw. Then it was the mingle part. And mingling they did! I almost had to throw people out since we some folks stuck around to chat for two hours…

Kathy shared with us the top super foods. See below for the document that inspired her great talk.

Top 15 Super Foods

Special thanks to Kathy, Darren Potvin, Tania Fréchette and Rama Lotus. You rock!

Stay tuned for our next one, most likely in late June! And click here to connect to the LinkedIn group to get all the latest and help us shape it.

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