Lessons from camp…

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Hello from sunny and warm North Carolina!

It’s been a nice getaway so far and it’s only a few days in. A few more days in paradise before I head back to reality and a whirlwind of an April. More on that later!

Building better habits: I took my time and drove down. I was looking forward to the drive but not really the soreness that comes with sitting in a vehicle for an extended period of time. I loaded up on yoga before my departure and I made sure I got out of the vehicle every two hours to stretch and feel my “Chi” posture. It made a world of difference.

Your reputation precedes you: I was asked to do a small talk/demo on ChiRunning this morning for all the campers. Good group except that most of these folks are faster than me. Should that matter when you’re getting instruction? I’d love to hear what you think on that, it’s something I’ve been wrestling for a while now.

Wasting energy: I had a good lesson on wasting energy yesterday afternoon. I was behind a few different riders today and you can really tell who’s experienced and who’s not. It’s amazing how some people really move their upper body when they ride. That’s a lot of wastage. You can tell a lot by their upper body movement, quite relative to arm swing for runners.

Rest and relaxation: Even if you’re doing a few hours of exercise everyday, proper rest and relaxation will make it seem like nothing. Even if it’s early in the season, I got 150km on the bike in the past three days. Not bad. And I feel good. Well the hot tub also helps…

A bientot les amis!

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