It’s all about you! No, really!

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I created this blog to get closer to my clients/friends/Chi followers and to spread the word about some of the techniques and products that I love and believe in. I don’t mind pouring my heart out (I haven’t yet but it will come) or providing advice/opinion on any subject I might be qualified in (or not). I need some help from you though.

As much as I like writing down my thoughts, I know my opinions and most of the time I’m quite confident in them so it’s not like I need the practice. I do it so you have something to read and something to think about when you get out there.

What would you like to hear about?

Don’t be shy, I won’t bite. I started blogging so I can really interact with people with similar interests. Without you, this exercise (pun intended) would be useless and pointless. Help me out here,  or else you’re going to be stuck listening to me rant on stuff that I think is important!

I will be heading to the GTA tomorrow to visit friends, attend the Canadian launch of ViSalus and also teach an intro to ChiRunning workshop in Kingston on the way back. I’m pumped!

Stay tuned for an update early next week…

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