Is your workplace a healthy workplace? @OWellnessHub has a contest for you!

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Did you know that  October is workplace wellness month? How much time do you spend at your workplace? Is it helping or hindering your health? Have you heard of this cool contest?

You might recognize the fellow in the video as I’m the co-founder of the Ottawa Wellness Hub (OWH). The contest is simple and easy to enter. We also have prizes from our partners including a cool basket from Herb & Spice. Who doesn’t love healthy treats?

You only have a few more days to enter as the contest ends on Thursday, October 31.

Are there some cool initiatives you see around your office? Do you notice a few areas where you might be able to improve?

There are three ways to enter, simply send us your details to:

  1. [email protected]
  3. or @OWellnessHub

Good luck and remember the OWH saying that a healthy workplace is a productive workplace!

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