Introducing (for Canada at least) @VICE_GOLF, a new (and cool) player in an old industry!

Introducing (for Canada at least) @VICE_GOLF, a new (and cool) player in an old industry!

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I’m not sure how this brand got into my life to be honest. I can almost guarantee it was through the web and/or social media though.

After the brand caught my eye (looking good Vice!), I started doing my usual research. Even Golf Digest loved them! So I asked some questions and asked some more. And then ordered some of their golf balls to try them for myself.

I was very impressed with the quality and the look and feel. I even showed them to some very good golfers who were also very complimentary. My new Vice Pro Plus replaced my Titleist ProV1x and I’m saving almost half the cost. And I look cooler! :)

All throughout the customer service I received really impressed me, especially since I knew they were based in Germany. I also loved the fact I could get custom logos and messaging on the balls and I could still get them in a matter of days.

I love the fact that it’s a disruptive business model. Provide quality golf balls and apparel at an affordable price. And provide a bit of a breeze of fresh air in a somewhat stale and stuffy industry. It’s not easy to disrupt giants like Titleist and Taylor Made but I think Vice might just have the gusto to do it.

The cool thing now too is that I always know if it’s my ball since there aren’t many of these puppies around yet. And their apparel really stand out as classy yet somewhat edgy, similar to my personal brand I think.

Let me know if you want to know more or want to order some for yourself. I might have a special code for you (and me) get some extra goodies. I’m now part of the Vice Squad (like an Ambassador) and I couldn’t be happier.

Who wouldn’t want to get some quality golf balls at half the price with a very comparable feel and play? I’m sold!

P.S. Sorry about the squint in the picture above. It’s not easy repping a cool brand during a very sunny day at the amazing Accora Village tournament!

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