I pity the fool! Aka why running shouldn’t suck…

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It seems people still hate running and yet they are still doing it. What a crazy world we live in, and like Mr. T always says, I do pity the fool that doesn’t enjoy running and still does it repeatedly!

This became apparent during the my workshop last weekend. I always do short introductions where people provide their running careers so to speak and why they are there. Well this session became about how running sucks so I definitely had a captive audience.

The bulk of the people were lamenting they only run for the high of it or to lose weight but they don’t actually enjoy it. How can this be in this day and age?  I do kinda get it though since I was stuck in that vicious cycle during my early triathlon days. I only ran when my triathlon program said to run and even then I was usually dreading it even if I enjoyed racing a lot.

I enjoyed the act of running but when I did any mileage I felt like someone beat me up, even when I got down to my Ironman racing weight. I just thought some people were born natural runners and some weren’t and that was it.

I started reading about running biomechanics and it started to sink in. The big “ah ha” moments occurred during my work on my awareness and biomechanics through ChiRunning, which has made running truly enjoyable for me.

Trust me it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t just take my word for it, ask the hundreds of people I’ve taught. They will tell you running doesn’t have to suck, you might even start to really like it like most of them do now!

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