Human power: It’s pretty awesome…

Human power: It’s pretty awesome…

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I’m not talking about the human spirit in this one, although with the Amazing People Gala coming up soon, it could be an upcoming post.

Today I’m talking about powering your own self when you’re out there in nature, whether it’s running, cycling or trekking around mountains. I find it’s some of the purest fun out there, especially with the healthy dose of fresh air you’re bound to get.

I don’t cycle or run to work but that’s mostly due to my unpredictable schedule. But maybe it’s something I’ll have to look at since it’s not only granola (environmentally friendly!), it’s also great to warm up and cool down your brain.

Our recent race in Gaspésie provided us with some good workouts but also some amazing views and some incredible experiences. All of it was done by own power and trust me I know since I had no juice left at the end of the days!

I’m taken back to my pedal power days whenever I head out on the bike. Those were the days where I cycled 3-4 times a week during the good old Ironman days. Who can ever forget the great ride I did the Okanagan Valley in 2008 (see ablove). Being on a bike brings me back to my days as a kid where having a bike meant freedom.

Not only do you spend a lot of calories getting around, you also provide some great sparks for your brain. It also works wonders on the appetite and makes you sleep like a champ at night.

It’s something I want to do more this fall, as soon as this ankle of mine heals up. I have many daydreams of cool runs, a bike ride all bundled up and maybe a few rounds of golf in the brisk weather. Here’s hoping you do too!

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