Health benefits of owning a dog

Health benefits of owning a dog

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I’ve always been a fan of canines but only took the plunge of dog ownership in the past few months. It’s not always fun or easy but so far it’s been so rewarding I can’t imagine going back sans dog.I think it was a 2-way street as Rufus has taken a pretty easy liking to me.

Here are some ways he’s enriched my health (and life):

-Love when you get home: It’s probably the best side effect of owning a dog, a dog that goes nuts when you get home. It’s doubly fun when you live by yourself and you’ve been coming home to a empty (and quiet) home for decades.

-He gets me out all the time: Even if don’t really want to go out in the rain/sleet/snow/cold/etc. My daily step count has increased by a few thousands since I got him and it’s been pretty effortless. And such a great way to wind up and wind down my day.

-The return of play: One of the downfalls of being an adult is the fact we don’t play as often (or ever). Dogs (children are like this too) make you get down on the ground and play for the heck of it. And most of the time I enjoy it more than him!

-They teach you you can’t control every situation: Sometimes a squirrel comes out of nowhere. Or another dog doesn’t want to play nice. Sometimes they roll around in mud for fun (see play above). Primal instincts are there, even if we don’t enjoy them all…

-They make you realize what’s important: What does every dog really need? Food, water, shelter and love. It’s also all we really need. And their unconditional love is pretty cool too.

-Cuddles: Who doesn’t love cuddles? And they come with bacteria that’s good for us. Bonus!

What’s the best thing for your health about your dog/pet?

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