Have you lost weight?

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It’s funny how small things make a big difference sometimes…

I was running with a client yesterday and when he saw me yesterday, he asked me that lovely question: “Have you lost weight?”. I hadn’t worked with him for a few weeks but I guess it was either the shirt (it wasn’t) or maybe I did lose a few lbs.

It’s always nice to hear it from a guy (a happily married one at that) since most of the time they are honest and are not fishing for compliments. Not that all women are… :)

I will let you in on my secret weapon: For just over a month, I’ve been on the BodyByVi challenge. This challenge is based on the ViShake, a meal replacement/post-workout shake that is full of good stuff AND tastes great. It’s rather simple and it also provides a daily reminder of the goal that you set at the beginning, in my case dropping to 230 (about 12 pounds) while not starving myself. Another good thing is that it’s affordable and fun!

It’s all a series of small events, helping me with my workouts and especially my recovery. It’s not easy though. You have to make a conscious decision to change something in your life, which is hard for most people. I know!

Coupled with their ViPak (an amazing multi-vitamin that’s easily absorbed by the body), I’m truly living up to late great Chris Primorac’s motto: look good, feel good, play good!

If you want to know more, drop me a line at [email protected]. As always I love to help people out, especially with products and techniques I believe in.

(Disclaimer: I love these products so much, I became a promoter!)

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