Getting tired of winter yet?

Getting tired of winter yet?

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For those not in the National Capital Region, we just received another healthy dumping of the white stuff on the last few days of February. I’m hearing a lot of grumblings on Facebook and Twitter about how the snow should evaporate. But why I ask?

I’ve been told I’m a bit of a weirdo as I get a bit of a goofy grin when I hear of an impeding storm. And I especially love driving in this stuff (although I must admit having all-wheel drive vehicle helps)!

And isn’t it beautiful?

Truth be told, I haven’t been as active outside as I usually am during the lovely Canadian winters. Due to my travel schedule I’ve missed every one of the Mad Trapper Snowshoe Races this year. I’ve also only been cross-country skiing a handful of times this season as well. And no downhill either yet.

I’ve been good on the running part and now playing in four hockey leagues so I’m still active. And hitting golf balls in my basement. And some gym workouts. But I’m looking forward to at least another tobogganing experience, maybe even this weekend.

We live in Canada people! Cherish the short winters we have. Isn’t there some global warming doing its part?

Turn that frown upside down and you’ll instantly notice a difference. Get out there. Channel your inner kid. Have fun. You’ll most likely burn more calories as well since you also have to keep warm. And get that goofy grin working overtime.

And if that doesn’t work, just think of my buddy Andy and I running 30k in this stuff this morning. Hopefully that will help…

And to entice you to head out even in the winter when it’s cold and dark, here’s an article on what to eat before an early morning on the Runner’s World site.  Enjoy!

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