Getting more out of food…

Getting more out of food…

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Here’s a great new site I stumbled onto: It has a lot of information about foods, from calories to inflammation factor to glycemic load. It really helps you find out about the impact of the foods you’re ingesting.

There’s a big movement towards juicing. I get it but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. I’m quite happy with my wholesome shakes for now.  Like the maker of my NutriBullet says, it’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb.

I’ve adapted a lot of the concepts behind the influencial books by Timothy Ferriss (Four Hour Body) and Dr. Mark Hyman (Blood Sugar Solution). I feel much better these days. And I’m very grateful for that.

Similar to running, awareness is key to improvements. Before you can clean up your diet you kinda have to know where you are and where you can improve. It’s not easy since it’s hard to know what’s good for you anymore…

Since I’ve cleaned up my eating, not only do I feel better, it seems I have more sustained energy. I haven’t really killed myself at races recently but nutrition wasn’t an issue at all during the ultra in North Dakota or the tri last weekend. A lot has to do with day-to-day feedings as well as race bites I’m sure.

Obviously as I get back into shape some more and start testing my boundaries some more, it will be interesting to see how the body responds. All the cool stuff happens under stress!

Here’s a recent and sober look at heel striking and whether it’s evil or not from our friends at

I provided my stance on it again this weekend at my last workshop in Ottawa. I know heel striking is considered bad for you but again it depends on a few factors. Here’s to just being aware!


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