Getting back into the swing of things…

Getting back into the swing of things…

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So I’m making my way back to FitVille. Slowly but surely. It’s funny how a few small gestures make a big difference in the end.

Last month was great with a lot of work and the Gala but I let myself fitness level deteriorate a bit. A time for everything but now I need a bit more focus on the subject.

I’ve tried to do yoga everyday now in November. It’s coming along nicely. I haven’t done any 90-minute classes but usually it’s 20 minutes of bliss in my den to start off my day. That, a nice cup of Equator coffee and a shake helps to get out of bed, especially when it’s dark and cold outside. Baby steps.

I’m also trying to be a bit better with my nutrition. I’m not at the calorie counting stage yet but I’m making sure to get at least 5 servings of veggies and trying to minimize booze and heavy/friend foods. Even on last night’s Porter flight, I said no to some free red wine. Weird, I know!

All this stuff is adding up. I even got up at 6.30am yesterday so I could get a decent workout. I knew I had a crazy day (busy with stuff and flying to Toronto for work) so I knew if I didn’t get it in first thing, I wouldn’t at all. I sacrificed a bit of sleep but I felt the surge of energy throughout the entire day.

I’m trying to go against the flow as we usually gain weight and hibernate in the colder months. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Another study came out recently, this one talking about how a healthy lifestyle in your early years can help delay heart issues down the road. Something like an ounce of prevention is worth an pound of cure. Shocking!

Here’s the recap from Runner’s World.

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