Get out there and enjoy your Family Day; Do it for the kids!

Get out there and enjoy your Family Day; Do it for the kids!

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For those who don’t get today as a holiday, my apologies. Thanks to a recent government decision, some workers get to enjoy “Family Day” but it doesn’t apply to all of us. Regardless, this can still apply when you get home from the office!

There are a few studies that show that active parents are beneficial for a few things:

Active parents raise active kids: Parents who are active during pregnancy and early in their child’s life tend to raise more active children, finds a recent study.

Active kids perform better in school: As shown in the book Spark, active kids perform better in school. This applies to behaviour and performance. What’s not to like?

Builds good habits: It seems quality physical education classes and youth sports can lead children to be more active adults. Those habits can start at home.

It’s also a lot of fun. You can revert to a 6 year old for a few hours. Show your moves on an outdoor rink or do the elementary back stroke at the local pool.

It doesn’t really matter what you do. It all burns calories and most gets you to breathe in some lovely fresh air.

Unfortunately I won’t be doing much today. I’m nursing a cold and a sore hamstring from hockey yesterday. A bad combination but it’s good since I have tons of work and Gala stuff to catch up on!

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