#FunFriday: Pyjama workouts by @gohealthfitlife

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Most of you like to workout. And who doesn’t love hanging out in PJ’s? This video combines both!

I’ve known the creator, Tammy from GO! for a few years. I’ve been lucky enough to put on talks and workshops with her and teach at her cool studio in Nova Scotia.

She posted a few of these videos over the holidays and it seems the response has been pretty good. Her YouTube channel is also full of great videos, and most talk about some of my favourite muscles; The Core!

Tammy calls them pajama workouts but I call them pyjama workouts. Potato, po-ta-to! Regardless I love all of her wacky ideas and her incredible enthusiasm. And she shows you you don’t need to be a Hollywood producer to put out quality content,

I’ve been loving the trend of putting some easy-to-do videos on the web for all to share. I end up doing a lot of these workouts since they’re easy to follow and most can be done anytime, anywhere!

So hopefully this takes away a lot of the excuses you may have for a workout tonight or this weekend. You don’t need to go and do a 3-hour run everyday. Sometimes life gets in the way. Short videos like this one show you a great way to combat the busy life, a few minutes per day!

And it’s always better than nothing…


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  1. Thank you so very much Eric for sharing my information. You rock!

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