#FridayFindings: The latest and greatest from the world of exercise…

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One of my favourite topics in fitness: Exercising to lose weight, yay or nay?

Here’s a look at the topic from Vox. I just love how they animate things! You can see the video they created for this one above.


I remember hearing about Tony Robbins years ago, I thought he was a joke. The more I hear and learn about him, the better he gets. Especially his Netflix special, “I am not your guru”.

Here he talks about “priming” with Thrive Global, on how he starts the first 10 minutes of his day to get more energy.


Ever heard of brown fat? It seems it can help you lose weight pretty efficiently.

Here’s a look at thermogenesis from Nutritionfacts.org.

And last but not least, enjoy the long weekend. Giving thanks for all that we have is one of my favourite pastimes these days. Soak it up!

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