#FridayFindings: New stuff from the worlds of nutrition and wellness!

#FridayFindings: New stuff from the worlds of nutrition and wellness!

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You are what you eat, right? Well that’s kinda true and in that spirit, here’s a

Some good advice coming from Dr. Aseem Malholtra, a doctor in the UK. He talks about us needing a healthy dose of lifestyle medicine, instead of meds.

He’s also one of the minds behind the Big Fat Fix documentary.

Also, an OBG (oldie but goodie) from our good friend Tim Ferriss’ blog.

This one is called “The Science of Fat-Loss: Why a Calorie Isn’t Always a Calorie” and it goes pretty deep. Enjoy!

And in the spirit of wellness, why not volunteer your time and talents? The Ottawa Citizen has a regular “Volunteer Roundup” where local organizations seek out specialized help.

This week they’re looking for exercise help in one the posts so I thought I’d reach out to my fitness friends!

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