#FridayFindings: New stuff from the worlds of nutrition and fitness…

#FridayFindings: New stuff from the worlds of nutrition and fitness…

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I’ve been listening a lot of podcasts and reading a lot of books, a lot of them fitness and wellness related, so I could put out a #FridayFindings every day it seems. But I won’t bore you. See below for some ultra cool stuff I came across recently!

Do you hate being cold? You might want to reconsider your stance, especially with respect to cold water!

Here is a cool article from an unlikely source (Tony Robbins of all people) on the power of cold water.

Want to know what’s cool in fitness for 2016 so far? Some favourites like fitness trackers, body weight exercises and HIIT were in the top 3. Woohoo!

The Huffington Post did a cool job of publishing it, in an infographic format.

And if you have some time this weekend and you’re into endurance sports, I would highly suggest watching the Cereal Killers’ Run on Fat documentary.

I watched it this week and it’s pretty informative and compelling. I like that it involves a lot of top scientists to show how fat can fuel some pretty incredible adventures.

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