#FridayFindings: Cool stuff from the worlds of running and posture!

#FridayFindings: Cool stuff from the worlds of running and posture!

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Crazy times around Canada and North America these days. Mid-December and we’re experiencing double digit temperatures. I even saw a report of a golf course being open today in Ottawa. Crazy!

Anyway, here we go for another edition of the #FridayFindings:

Wanna climb the corporate ladder? Running might just get you there!

Here’s a cool look from Canadian Running on the phenomenon.

Do you use technology almost every hour of everyday? Guilty as charged! Your posture most likely suffers from it…

Here is a cool article from Circle of Docs about some stretches that might help.


What will 2016 hold for you fitness wise? I have an idea what I will be up to but I’m always a fan of a bit of information and motivation.

See what the American Council on Exercise thinks will be the 10 big trends for next year.

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