#FridayFindings: Cool stuff from the worlds of nutrition and fitness!

#FridayFindings: Cool stuff from the worlds of nutrition and fitness!

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Here is another edition of the #FridayFindings. Some more cool stuff this week.

Let’s start with some exercises most runners need to do since it’s a weakness for most of us.

Here are the best exercises for stronger hamstrings according to the Huffington Post Canada.

Did you take part in Ottawa Race Weekend? If so, you’re one of close to 50,000 people who have.

They also raised a bit of money for local charities, setting records in both categories.

Did you set some new goals this spring? Are you sticking with them?

Here are 4 strategies to stick with your health goals from CBC that might help…

And last but not least, here is some info from Time.com that talks about diet.

Shocking I know but it seems a higher fat diet is not only good for the body but especially good for the brain!


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