Feeling unmotivated by the cold? Check out what Jamie McDonald aka @MrJamieMcDonald is doing…

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Some people marvel at the fact I’ve done marathons or Ironmans. But to me, it’s nothing compared to what some really crazy folks are doing, including Jamie McDonald, an Englishman who’s trying to be the first person to run across Canada unsupported.

He’s not new to adventures, after he cycled almost 23,000 kilometres from Bangkok to his hometown of Gloucester, UK in 2012. He also broke the world static cycling record, after pedalling for a record-breaking 265 hours straight – more than 11 days!

This is a pretty epic journey he’s on now not only because he’s running a lot. He also has to brave the elements across this entire wonderful country, and that’s one of the many things we have in abundance. It makes my #150in150 challenge seem like a farce in the process though…

He’s got pretty good form if you look at him run, shuffling along. It’s not always retty but it’s getting the job done. It shows that the form changes from trying to get speed to just being as efficient as possible for the long run, especially if your muscles are tired.

He stops and makes appearances at schools whenever he can and I love he’s using video and social media to raise awareness and funds of course. And he’s thanking Canadians time and time again. It shows our reputation of generosity  is alive and well!

His video chronicles are pretty legendary as he recaps his days and all the people he met. It’s so great to see him truly grateful for a meal, a place to stay or a simple glass of water. He seems like a really cool guy you’d want to go for a beer with!

He’s making his way across the country. He’s almost in Calgary! You can even track him here: http://jamie.t24solo.com/

He has a website, http://www.jamiemcdonald.org/, where he’s taking donations. The funds raised are going to Sick Kids hospitals in Canada and the UK.

So what’s your excuse again for not running today?

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