Fat Fasted Adventure #4: Great hiking adventure in New Hampsire!

Fat Fasted Adventure #4: Great hiking adventure in New Hampsire!

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So I took a few days off to kick back and help my lovely mother celebrated her 29th birthday again. It was nice to relax, cook, hang out with family and get active on my own time. And I can’t forget driving around in a convertible!

I visited the Eastern Townships in Quebec where I grew up and where most of my extended family is. What a beauty region and also very close to some epic hiking on the US side. I decided to do the Franconia Traverse since it was about 2 hours from my Mom’s place and voted on the top 20 hikes around the world.

I was expecting a little mountain with a bit of elevation. It was quite hilly. I guess you’d expect it from a mountain that’s 4800+ feet. Me so dumb sometimes…

The cool thing is I was listening to a pretty cool podcast for part of the hike and it’s cool to explore the outdoors and sweat profusely while learning. And the sweat didn’t help when I climbed higher and it got colder as the the cloud cover occurred at the same time as I was getting close to the first peak, as you can see from the pic above.

I got cold. I know, me of all people! I didn’t really prepare all that well. My only other piece of clothing was in my rental car at the bottom of the mountain. Not a great place to be when you’re a few thousand feet up!

So I decided to be smarter than in some of my previous experiences and turn back. It was very pretty on the way down and not a bad hike altogether with just under 4 hours of trekking. But not the entire hike I wanted to do. Oh well, there’s always next time, right?

And yes, another fat fasted experience. I had a light breakie (coffee, eggs and sautéed zucchini) before I left, some ketones, some nuts and some water on the hike. And a yummy bun-less burger and a salad on my way back.

All in all another great experience. And it capped off a very nice weekend where I spent a previous night at a cool Scandinavian Spa.

Again soon, please?

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