Fat Fasted Adventure #3: Epic hiking adventure in upstate New York!

Fat Fasted Adventure #3: Epic hiking adventure in upstate New York!

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Another summer weekend, another fat fasted adventure!

So the part of the past weekend was spent in Hermon in upstate New York with my buddy Trevor and it included a nice hike by nearby Wolf Lake. What a beautiful morning to head out to explore nature.

The morning started nicely even if it didn’t include my usual breaky: Bulletproof Coffee. Instead I had some coffee with creamer powder (oh well) and some mushroom coffee (what?). Anyway, all that to say is breaky didn’t include many calories (probably less than 100) which would set me up nicely for a fasted hike.

So we were gonna head out and explore a trail or two and come back for a late breaky and probably some more coffee. Best laid plans, right?

It took us close to an hour to actually find the trailhead since the directions were so-so and signs were not very helpful. But that’s for another day… Regardless, finally found the trails and headed out for a bit. We saw the magical lake (see above) and walked up and around it until we looped back to the start. After an hour or so, we decided we might need some more so headed out down another trail to explore.

Even nicer trail but we didn’t know if it looped or where it would lead us. Word to the wise: Plan ahead a bit more, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the surroundings. Anyway, the trail didn’t loop and it spit us out somewhere totally foreign.

And being a bit adventurous and after walking up and down a road we didn’t know, I led my poor soul of a friend across the forest bushwalking our way back to the main trail. It wasn’t always clear where we should go but I had a good feeling where to head. And it was great practice for all the navigating and bush walking that will happen at next month’s Raid de la Gaspesie.

To make a long story short, after close to 5 hours we were back to the vehicle, being quite thirsty but in great spirits (well in my case anyway). It might have included climbing up steep hills on all four and sliding down rocks on my butt but what an incredible adventure. It was a great way to push the boundaries and also very fitting with my current nutrition/fasting.

I felt great throughout, even if I was a bit scared (and mostly surprised) at a few spots since we hadn’t really planned for that long of a hike.. My watch was telling me I took a bit more than 22,000 steps and burned more than 2000 calories by then. I might really be on to something here!

Anyway, any other epic adventures happen on the weekend?

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