Falling in love with cycling all over again…

Falling in love with cycling all over again…

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I was out for a few rides on the weekend and it reminded why I love cycling so much. It reminded me of the joy and freedom it brought me as a kid and how cycling was my first true love.

Even if it wasn’t an ideal day, it was cold and rainy, But I bundled up and head out and I’m so glad I did. The fresh air (pun intended) and the legs going in a smooth rhythm got the brain working overtime. It’s also very cool to be powered by your own muscles and hitting some decent speeds.

I remember cycling all over the neighbourhood when I was a kid. Every ride was an adventure and I’m still trying to channel my inner 6 year old. When I chatted with Leslie about her adventure, we agreed about cycling being the ideal speed to sight-see new cities and terrains. That cross-Canada trip is on the bucket list…

My love of cycling was one of the major reasons I took up triathlons more than 10 years ago. I didn’t truly love running and swimming back then and I’m still not sure about swimming… And it feels like home to me, as it was the sport I was the most comfortable with and had the best success in. And the funny part is that I usually ride my old road bike instead of my newer (and prettier) triathlon bike.

I also remember some of the gadgets I had on that old red rocket. Who doesn’t need a high tech water bottle holder? And a siren?

Unfortunately the cycling days are pretty close to being numbered (I’m not a fan of cycling in -20 weather) but I’m a bit sad for the first time in a while to put the bike away for the winter. And for the first time in a while, I’m actually tempted to set up my bike on the trainer.

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