Experience review: @FitBit Blaze

Experience review: @FitBit Blaze

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So since my beloved Basis seized operations, I had to look elsewhere for my fitness tracker for the first time in almost 3 years. It happens to the best of them!

I looked around for some options and nothing really spoke to me. I tried the FitBit Surge but it was bulky (even the small model) and didn’t look right (another criteria). So then I tried the Blaze. Much better!

It’s very similar to my Basis Peak, with all the features and the look and feel. That I like a lot.  I find the steps and the HR to be pretty accurate. And it’s not as bulky as the Surge. And I’m not sure I care about the GPS tracking that much.

The FitBit app is not bad and the cool thing is that you can also access on a traditional desktop, which is a bonus in my books. And there’s more of a community where you can see how many steps your friends have taken and you can also taunt them. Love that!

Another bonus is the hourly reminder to walk around and letting me know how many steps I’ve taken this hour. This is very good, especially after long meetings. It tracks how many hours in my day I’ve had more than 250 steps so it keeps me accountable.

The major problem with the Blaze is that it’s not waterproof. I already had to dry it out after a tub session. And I now take it off for showers and to swim. Not as fun. And the sleep monitor isn’t as good as the Basis, but again I’ll survive.

You realize how used to it you are when you feel lost when the watch. I think having a fitness tracker makes me more aware of my activity level and I find I try to be a bit more active here and there but I have no scientific evidence yet to back it up.

Overall, I’m very happy with this model, especially since I got it from Kijiji so it was cheaper and better for the environment!

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