Experience report: Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) on the Rideau River with @RideauRowPaddle

Experience report: Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) on the Rideau River with @RideauRowPaddle

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So a friend asked to go for a SUP session on the weekend so I said why not? I don’t have board so looked around to rent one. I wanted to try a new spot and I found one near Vimy Bridge in Riverside South. My friend bailed at the last minute but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up so I went solo.

What a great way to spend a beautiful late summer afternoon. The weather was darn near perfect with lots of sunshine and little wind on the almost 2 hours out on the water. I also got to meet new friends in the form of geese, ducks and fish. There were also a few turtles working on their breaststroke and/or their tans. Awesome!

As usual it was a great core and back workout. Not to get into too much form here but if you’re doing it right, you shouldn’t be feeling simply in your arms. I even had the chance to have a nap on the board in one of the bays. Amaze balls…

I also had a lengthy chat with a couple on their boat who wanted to know what it was like to SUP. Apparently I looked like a spokesperson so I provided my two cents. It’s such a cool activity but it’s not cheap and some of the boards are bulky. Plus it’s only fun a few months out of the year. I like to rent a board every summer month or so, it’s cheaper and a whole lot less in terms of hassles.

All in all, another great adventure on a simply spectacular Sunday afternoon in September. How’s that for awesome alliteration?

The staff from Rideau Rowing Paddling were great. And reasonable rates!

P.S. I didn’t take my phone with me so this is an old pic from a different SUP session. Still the same sport and same river, just a different day and a different board.

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  1. Danielle says:

    LOVE SUP Boarding… till I fell off and injured my knee. 9 months, surgery and two recoveries later – I can not wait to get out there again come this summer and spend some time on the board with just me, the birds and the cliffs of the river.

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