Experience Report: Petite Aventure 2017 with @VeloQuebec

Experience Report: Petite Aventure 2017 with @VeloQuebec

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So we did it again! A weekend of cycling and camping with kids with all kinds of weather for la Petite Aventure 2017. What could wrong?

Some great fun all around even if there were some hiccups here and there. Who doesn’t love pouring rain when you’re setting up your tent? Kids telling stories out loud at 6am? Daily meltdowns from kids? Me too!

All in all it was a fun three days. Some cycling, some eating, some catching up and playing with kids. My kind of vacation now. There was a small issue with a bolt that went missing so my niece couldn’t ride on the Trail-a-bike behind me after day one but it happens.

The MVP was definitely my brother who ended up pulling both kids for the last two days. And kept his sanity when my niece didn’t stop asking questions right behind his seat…

We did close to 160km during the three days on some nice roads. Mostly quiet and flat roads around Drummondville. There was no heavy rain on the bike portion, just during set-up and at night. Having some wine in my tent while the rain fell down was my idea of a good Canada Day celebration.

It made me realize how much I love cycling. There’s something very freeing and enjoyable about seeing sights at 25km/hr. You really get to experience the countryside, a bit quicker than by foot and slower than driving. A nice leisurely pace.

I have to give a shout out to Vélo Quebec, they do a great job of organizing a safe and fun event for all. It’s a very family-centric activity but they do a good job of organizing all the signage, staff and food. There are options everyday from 40km to 75km or so, so you can ride as little or as much as you’d like.

Now I wanna go ride a bit more in the coming weekends and see some sights. Who’s with me?

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