Experience report: Hiking in Lake Placid, NY

Experience report: Hiking in Lake Placid, NY

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I tried to take a bit of a break from the busy life to get away and soak up nature and get some steps in. It was nice to basically keep my phone away for a few days, except to snap a few photos.

We did 5 shorter hikes during the quick getaway. According to my FitBit, we did about 35k steps and 250 floors over the two days. Not bad for an early spring outing.

Since it’s what they call “mud” season, there weren’t many people out on the trails. No complaints there.

It was so nice to get out in nature, in trails I hadn’t seen in years or never. We also got amazing hiking weather, with weather in the teens so we could still push and not overheat.

When I was going up, I kept on thinking about my form and how cool it was too do this. And asking myself all the while why I don’t come to Placid more often. It’s pretty much a hiking paradise, with so many cool trails within a 20km radius.

Hiking is becoming more and more of my jam. It’s so therapeutic on the brain and on the body. And it’s quite sustainable. And quite inexpensive. Did I mention it clears the mind rather nicely, especially after a busy week?

It also made me realize I should teach more ChiWalking. It’s so crucial to have good posture and awareness as you walk up or down hills, especially as you get older.

As I’m writing this and my legs feel like they did a bit of work but I have no real soreness and my body feels better than it has in weeks. Action creates lubrication, right?

And oh yeah, Happy Easter to all! I hope you get to relax a bit as well this weekend. And eat some chocolate but keep it dark and in moderation. Okay, I’m done! :)

Well, here’s a look at how good chocolate really is for you from André Picard at the Globe & Mail.

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