Experience report: Acro yoga!

Experience report: Acro yoga!

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So I like to try new things. Especially when it comes to physical training. I had been hearing about and reading about acro yoga for a few months now and it really piqued my interest.

I found a cool teacher (who happened to be an old running/x-c skiing friend) who was nearby and made an appointment for a home visit. We’re on our way!

I was very intrigued by the therapeutic properties of acro. You get to really relax the body and get some human touch. And stretch. And fall. And laugh. And learn.

We first learned about the positions involved. The base (person on bottom), the flyer (on top) and the spotter. They all have their role and can sometimes be interchanged. I even did all three positions on the first night but let’s just say I’m a better base than anything due to my size.

Then we tried a few basic poses which was a lot of fun. I even has a tiny 135lbs woman base for me. What a cool experience! It’s weird: It’s not as easy as it looks but also not as hard, if that makes sense. And my lower back loved every minute of it.

It involves lot of core work which is cool as it transfers to basically all the other activities. It’s not as cardio intensive as other activities but it requires muscle endurance, even if you’re flying. But from what I gather (I asked around), it’s accessible to just about everyone if you have a good leader and some friends with open minds.

See above for a cool and quite easy pose (folded leaf). We did that on the first go. So easy but oh so relaxing, especially for the flyer. And thanks to Tim Ferriss for the nudge (and the photo).

Needless to say, I will be doing this again. For the therapeutic aspectand also for the pure fun of it.

If you want to get started in the Ottawa area, there’s a cool website (AcroYogaOttawa.com) and even a Facebook group. Let’s play!

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