Experience report: 5 things I learned from my latest 3-day fast…

Experience report: 5 things I learned from my latest 3-day fast…

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This comes post comes with a disclaimer. I am not a doctor nor do I play one on the internet. I’m just reporting on my experiences but you should consult with a doctor if you wanna try it.That is all.

So I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for more than a year now. It’s been quite an informative (and fun) journey. I’ve been educating myself but mostly finding more about myself.

Like everything in life, it gets easier the more you do something. But everytime you do something, it feels a bit different and you should learn a thing or two. Here are 5 things I learned in my latest 72-hour fast this week:

  • Play a game: Gamification is a huge part of challenges if you’re doing them right in my opinion. Play a game with yourself and set up some rewards (that don’t sabotage your goals) and enjoy the process.
  • You can feel better: For some reason I felt lighter and better (I did lose a few pounds) this time. Granted I’m pretty fat adapted at this time but I felt like I had more energy even with only consuming water, tea and fatty coffee.
  • Great reboot: I had some busy weeks (including a lot of travel) so I got away from my food routine. This fast rebooted my and it provided the kick in the pants I needed it seems.
  • What is weird?: I usually bring up the fast when people ask why I’m not drinking alcohol or eating out with friends. They then proceed to tell me I’m weird :). I’ll take it. What is weirder? Fasting or eating a half dozen 67 cents hamburgers from McDonald’s for lunch?
  • It’s all mental: As I do more and more experiments. I realize most of the challenge is mental and getting out of your comfort zone. The only times I got hungry was when I saw ads for foods. We don’t realize the impact of external stimulus…

Anyway, see the disclaimer up top but fasting has been around for thousands of years. It’s definitely part of the arsenal for me now…

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