Enjoying the unsung spots in the Ottawa area!

Enjoying the unsung spots in the Ottawa area!

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I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend. I tried to take full advantage of it and if you could golf excursions, I was doing exercise outside for more than 10 hours this weekend. One word: Beautiful!

Being out and about made me realize we’re so lucky and blessed in the Nation’s Capital. We have so many outdoor spots where we can spend quality time in close proximity. The NCC gets a lot of flack but I think they do a pretty job of providing options for locals to get out and enjoy nature.

Most outdoor enthusiasts know and love the obvious spots such as Gatineau Park, the Canal and the Ottawa River. I love those as much as the next man/woman but I wanted to highlight some spots that don’t get as much love:

  • Conroy Pit: So after some research I found out the area I’m referring to is actually called the Pine Grove Forest but most people only know about the dog park. It’s close to me so it’s probably my favourite. It’s so nice to be surrounded by forest for kilometres on end. With the linkages, it even goes all the way to the airport. And see the picture above, isn’t it pretty? The great thing is that you can use it year-round since people snowshoe or classic ski in the area in the winter.
  • Hog’s Back Park: The same can be said about nearby Mooney’s Bay Park but I find Hog’s Back Park is a gem right in the City. I started using it a bit more in the winter when I would venture for snowshoe adventures around there but now I include it on runs or just to chill by the falls.
  • Pathways: It seems the region has more than 600 kilometres of multi-use paths. They had people of all ages and walks of life on the weekend but I still think they weren’t as busy as they should. There are a few people that try to ruin the fun for everyone but they are rare. And you can do just about anything on these: Run, cycle, walk, unicycle, cartwheels or rollerblade even.
  • Nepean Sportsplex: I’m not referring to the forest behind it not the actual building although that’s a pretty good spot as well with rinks, a gym, squash, spinning, and a 50m pool. It has some nice trails behind that are well marked and shaded by trees.

With the awesome weather we’re having and these cool spots, what’s your excuse now? :)

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