Mom, I’m on TV! ECinc in the news…

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As a former media relations professional, the effect of people seeing me in the media always makes me chuckle. It does help with awareness and marketing so I’m not complaining. And it also helps making me “legit”. It got me thinking I never really shared these stories with most people.

There was the recent video (see above) and corresponding story in the Windsor Star to mark my last workshop there.

There was also a story in the Postmedia News (think Ottawa Citizen) chain when I was a recent ChiRunning instructor graduate. How the time flies, that was in 2010!

I also had stories on the sports segment of CTV Ottawa and a few appearances on the A Channel Morning Show but for some odd reason I can’t find them online. It was a few years ago…

There were a few segments as well to do with some of the charity work I do with the CTV Amazing People Gala. There was a morning show appearance where everyone just talked about my socks (or lack thereof) and the wrap-up on the news the day after the grand affair.

Well that’s it for now. Let’s hope for more soon!

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