Early season cycling tips

Early season cycling tips

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I know most of you don’t get to come to a week-long triathlon camp to kickstart the cycling season. And trust me it will come. It might be a bit later than some years but it always comes!

So here are some of tips from my experience:

  1. Baby steps: Don’t swing for the fences on your first few rides, take your time it’s a long (relatively) season. Riding is a non weight-bearing exercise but you still need to ease into it somewhat. Your legs and your sit bones will thank you
  2. Chamois cream: Which brings me to chamois cream. If you haven’t used it, trust me it’s very useful for long rides. And if you get embarrassed easily, just put it on at home when no one is watching!
  3. Layers: If you ride in the winter, you know this one. You need to be prepared for some weather swings in the spring. It’s not a huge issue in July whether it’s 28  or 33 degrees. 5 degrees in the spring can mean the difference between enjoying a ride or hating your life for a few hours. Hopefully you can pack everything in the back of your jersey
  4. Pack for a week: Okay, maybe not a week but bring enough liquids and food for a ride and a half, especially if you’re heading into new territory. Bonking, especially if you’re by yourself, is never fun…
  5. Have fun: Don’t always do the same ride or ride with the same people. Switch it up, that’s what the spring is for!

The cycling down here in North Carolina has been spectacular once again. The weather has cooperated, high teens or low 20’s for the week so far, and the roads are so smooth. I’ve gotten about 200kms in already this week. Looking to experience another 150kms before I head back on Friday. But tomorrow is golf day so I’ll give the quads a much needed break.

It’s been nice to get out there and feel the wind on your face and be pedal powered for a few hours at a time.

Does it get better than that?

It seems triathlon is getting more popular everywhere, even in Windsor! Check out a recent blog post in the Windsor Star looking at the phenomenon.

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