Do you yoga? Like ChiRunning on a mat…

Do you yoga? Like ChiRunning on a mat…

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Yoga has been a constant in my life, along with running, for a few years now. I find it’s the best complement to all my other physical activities and such a good grounding exercise.

I remember when I started almost 10 years ago. A friend brought me to a class at a local studio. I enjoyed the scenery but it took a few classes for me to start to relax enough to enjoy it and its benefits. I was very stiff from years of football and lifting and the teacher, who’s now a friend, had a good laugh at some of my poses it seems.

When I started I thought all yoga folks were vegans or young girls who love Lululemon. I have since found out that it’s not the case and it seems most of the people who do yoga are older people.  And I know why now as I get stiffer by the year now.

I find yoga is not only calming and beneficial for the body but it also very eye-opening for the mind. It really helps to build the mind-body connection. It also teaches you to listen to your body as you can’t really power your way through poses.

These days I do most of my yoga by myself in my den. It’s me time. I try to shut out the world (still a struggle) and simply do my glorified stretching and see how my body feels on that day. I find shorter periods (about 20-30 minutes) a few times per week is better for me than one 90-minute class per week.

I end up teaching workshops at yoga studios since there is such an overlap between ChiRunning and yoga. I often tell people that ChiRunning is doing yoga while moving. I also recommend yoga to all who want to get better at running. Not only due to the flexibility and core strength but also since the philosophies are so aligned.

So, do you yoga? Why? Why not?


It looks like I will be doing the DoYouYoga 30-day challenge with Erin Motz next month.

You know I love challenges and tight hips is really bothering me these days so I thought why not. Here is link for all the videos on YouTube.

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