Cross training: Keeping me fresh since 2002!

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A week like this has brought back the fire within and made me realize the reason I love to do triathlons. I love TriRudy Camp!

I started doing triathlons in 2002 when I recovered from an old football injury (herniated disk and pinched nerve in my back). I needed to do something to get back in shape and help my back. I also needed something to do with some competitive fire that I had left. Even if I couldn’t lift weights, I needed some structure and a challenge.

Triathlon provided that and more. I met a lot of cool folks through the sport and I also got better in three sports. Triathlon lead me to teach Spinning, ChiRunning and also become a triathlon coach. I’m glad I took the step. And the three sports really help with the cross training benefits so you’re not just doing the same thing to your body all week.

Triathlon gets a bad rap since there are some intense and elitist individuals. But you get those in every activity and sport like checkers and lawn bowling. I guess I used to be one of those triathlon people who only talked about the sport, my HR and my V02 Max.

See below:


A few Ironman races fixed all of that. Now I do it for fun. And it’s a bit healthier I think…

What got you into triathlons?

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