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This new minimalist running movements is really taking off. The great thing about being one of only 12 certified ChiRunning instructors is that there is a demand in places outside of Ottawa for workshops. I get to travel to some cool places and spread the word about running while being gentle to your body. How cool is that?

It seems I will be away a bit in the next month or so. Next weekend I will be in Kingston teaching a workshop at Invista Centre for some members of the Kingston MultiSport Club on Sunday afternoon.

The following weekend, I’m doing a talk at the Lululemon in the Rideau Centre on Saturday morning. Come out if you’re a newbie or a wily vet, I’ll be talking about common running injuries and how to stay injury-free this year. And I will be doing a local workshop the following day, Sunday February 20. Some spots are still available for that one.

I’m pumped to be heading back out East (I went to uni in New Brunswick – Mount Allison) to experience some more incredible East Coast hospitality in March. I’m doing a workshop in Bridgewater on the Saturday afternoon and in Halifax on Sunday afternoon. I’m also planning a talk at the Lululemon store in Hali on Sunday night before I fly back.

Stay tuned as I’m making plans to head back to the Windsor/London area in the next two months and I’ve been contacted by some folks in Yellowknife to do a workshop there in the early summer.

For the complete and updated listing of my upcoming events, the best place to check out is my site. I’m slowly trying to figure out the calendar function on here…

Please send me questions or simply comment on this post. I won’t bite!

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