ChiRunning Check-In Session in Ottawa – Sunday May 6 @ 1pm

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Unfortunately I can’t make people amazing efficient runners in just one afternoon session. I think that’s one of the biggest drawbacks to ChiRunning, there’s so much to it to learn.

I’ve come up with a check-in session to give an opportunity to put some of that learning in practice complete with some instant feedback. This session is for folks who have already taken my workshop and would like to get some feedback and perfect their form indoors. This will have extremely limited spots with very small group sessions, with 6 or less runners per group.

The Check-In session will re-introduce the ChiRunning concepts through lectures, drills and demo’s. We will focus on posture (as always) and re-visit hip rotation, minimal impact and relaxation. This will be a great opportunity to get personal feedback from a coach who has seen hundreds of runners trying to be more efficient.

You will have the option to do a complete video analysis as well, similar to the one in the video above for an additional fee of $50. I will email you the video complete with some voiced-over feedback and some cool drawings on the screen!

I’m lucky, I still really enjoy ChiRunning after all these years. And as you can probably tell if you’ve seen me teach, I can talk about posture and running all day. And I especially love seeing the progress folks are experiencing if they follow the right steps. So let me know if I can help!

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