Canadian Tri Sprint race report part one

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It was a nice morning for Somersault’s races on Saturday. I was expecting a cool morning since it was actually September but it was humid already at 7am when I got to Mooney’s Bay.

One of the great thing about Somersault races is if you’ve been doing tri’s locally for a few years, you’re bound to run into folks you knew. It was definitely the case on Saturday morning.

After some chats and getting everything ready for the big race, I got in the water to actually cool off and warm up at the same time. I did a few strokes and it was already time to get out and line up on the beach.

I said my final words encouragement to of one of the guys I’m coaching and got my goggles on. This being a sprint I wanted to make sure I wasn’t at the back so I squeezed in closer to the front. The horn went off and so did we!

The swim was good, I felt good throughout (more about this later this week). When I got out I saw the smiling face of my mother encouraging me to keep going. What else was I going to do Mom? ;)

I did the trek to the t-zone and got my wetsuit off. Had to do the usual stomp since it was wet and I was being lazy, I mean efficient. I slowly got on the bike gear. I was going old school on this one and using my old Fuji road bike with my Easton training wheels. Why not?

Sorry for the long post but this actually only the half of it. Stay tuned on Friday for the rest of the race report.

Click here if you’re curious or looking for the actual results for any of the races on Saturday.

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