Book review: You: The Owner’s Manual by Dr. Michael Roizen & Dr. Mehmet Oz

Book review: You: The Owner’s Manual by Dr. Michael Roizen & Dr. Mehmet Oz

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I picked up this audiobook at the library, as per usual. It sounded interesting and I love learning new things. And it’s from TV’s Dr. Oz and you know how much of a TV groupie I am so how I could resist, right?

It was written basically to explain the entire body in laymen’s terms. Every chapter breaks down one system  and explains its functions. It’s nice to hear more about a lot of organs and systems we hear about but we’re not 100% sure of their usefulness. We hear about lesser known and talked about body parts like glands,  the senses and the sex organs.

I found it especially useful to do a quick body scan and remember how cool the body is. It’s such an intricate system and in total harmony for the most part. When something goes out of whack, it basically repairs itself if we let it.

like most health books it is a bit preachy but it does provide some pretty good information. It’s a pretty informative book overall, especially for folks like me who are not doctors.

I wouldn’t beat down the door to go and buy it but it’s worth a read if you get your paws on it. It never hurts to find out about how your body works. You only get one!

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What stage are you in? Which one made you laugh the hardest?

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