Bonne fete du Canada à tous! Happy Canuck Day!

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That’s the one nice thing about Canada, you can be cool in French or English!

I might not be as Canadian as the guy up top. But I think I’m a pretty good candidate. I’m fluently bilingual and I’ve lived in numerous provinces. I’ve been to almost every province and territory but Newfoundland, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Yukon. I play hockey and I enjoy good conversations about sex, religion and politics without wanting to shoot people.

I love poutine and Beavertails. I like our beer, wine and comedians. I also love our international rep and our thriving multiculturalism. Yay us!

When you read this, I will be on my way to run freely with a friend of mine in downtown Ottawa. We’re very lucky to have those liberties. And a thriving economy. It’s almost the best of both worlds.

We’re not perfect but this is somewhere I’m proud to call home.

Now let’s raise a glass. Un verre pour tout le monde!

And here’s another classic to help us celebrate:

Happy Birthday Canada. I’m darn proud to be Canadian today (and everyday)!

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