Be a warrior!

Be a warrior!

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I did a good yoga class last night at Goodlife of all places. Yeah, I was a bit surprised too.

Ever since I started teaching mind-body stuff, I’m way more aware of the cues given in classes. Some folks might not realize but they make a big difference in the outcome, especially for subtle change like what is needed in yoga and ChiRunning.

He had some great cues, mostly to do with being a warrior. He worked it into the theme, he had a great delivery and it worked for me. He talked about being tall and proud like a warrior. He also carried it over to the stretching with emphasis on length and relaxed movement, similar to loading a bow with arrow. Cool stuff.

I find a lot could transfer to running as a lot of imagery was similar to ChiRunning. It’s always good to keep some cues in mind when you’re running. It gives you focus and a reference point without interrupting your run. So be tall and proud. And just fall to the finish line!

I don’t know his name but it looks like I will be back so I can get my Yoga Warrior on!

It’s official! The Holiday Health & Fitness TweetUp hosted by moi is coming up. Mark your calendars for  Tuesday, December 4.

The guest speaker is Dr. Ellen Simone, ND. She will share her best ways to boost your immune system to stay healthy this holiday season. She will provide some tips for optimal nutrition and some lifestyle habits as well as a brief overview of the naturopathic perspective.

For all the info or to register (it’s free), check out my site.

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