Are changes good or bad?

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Changes, whether they’re bad or good, don’t define you as a person. How you react to them does though. That has taken a while to sink in and become a reality for me.

Changes are everywhere, it’s one of the defining traits of our generation. So much happening all at once. Like everything in life, it’s both positive and negative. Your attitude determines a lot of your outcomes I think…

I was chatting about our current way of life with a friend this week and how it’s changed over the past few decades. Is it better? Yes in some regards? But we’re probably worse off in others. The one thing we both agreed on is that it has changed tremendously.

This is one of the great things about running races. You know you have to cover x number of kilometres but that’s only the beginning. Every race has many conditions that can affect the outcomes from weather to how you feel and how you slept . That’s why you have to train for all kinds of conditions and almost plan for the unexpected.

The same can be said about golf. You can play the same course day in and day out and never shoot the exact same score on every hole. It’s all part of the fun if you ask me.

There are tons of things changing around me as we speak. I wish I could say it’s an eventful week but it’s a pretty typical one.

So, how do you react to change? The answer might be a huge part of the puzzle…

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