Another lesson: How ChiRunning helped my swimming

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I learned another lesson yesterday at swim practice. I slowly getting back into swimming since I’m still rehabbing my shoulder and my schedule is rather full these days (excuses, I know!).

The great thing about ChiRunning is that it really helps with being aware of your body. And as I’m finding out more and more everyday, it also translates well to daily tasks and other sports.

As I was doing some freestyle, I was just feeling the water and how it moved my body. With my improved posture, I’m now swimming more on top of the water as opposed to “through” it. I could even feel my hips rotate more and I felt relaxed even with increased speed.

Even without many laps under my belt this year my old training partner has mentioned that she thinks my swimming has improved. I have ChiRunning and some good emphasis on core.

The bad thing is that most sports take specialized skills to master, even the three sports of triathlon. The good thing is that having good core strength and awareness translates very well to all three (and more).

I’m training for the upcoming National Capital Triathlon. I was planning on starting
my season a bit later but I got enticed (“con”‘ed?) into an earlier race by an offer from Ford of Canada. For the next week, I get to try out one of their new vehicles in my day-to day and in my training. Stay tuned to see how the Ford Fusion (hybrid of course!) holds up to my training next week!

And see you at the race? I’ll be the one wearing the all black onesie!

Need some motivation on this Friday? Check out this story about the dangers of being inactive, it should get you to move a bit.

Even in this heat you can do a bit to help yourself. You don’t have to do a marathon or a Tour de France stage. All you need is to take the stairs, do some gardening, or walk around the neighbourhood. Being active is fun and research shows it helps you live longer and enjoy life a bit more. Who knew?

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